Press-on nails, yes or no?!

It’s an absolute YES for me! Y’all! I am DED over press-ons lately! How come no one told me they were so cute now adays and also lit ANYONE can put them on. ITS 👏 SO 👏 EASY 👏

And talk about an upgrade to your sass! Ahhhh I just love them! 

2 years ago if you told me I’d be wearing press-ons, I would have laughed. We all just don’t know what we don’t know right?! THATS WHY I AM HERE TO TELL YOU! Press-on nails are a big YES! 

side note-they still fuck up your actual nails but that’s probably cuz I need removal tips. I will work on those next 😋


Hope your week is as delicious as the pasta I made last night! 





  • I love the look but I am just too hard on my hands for press on nails. Heck, I destroy acrylics. I do better natural with clear polish. 🥺 I wish I could pull them off. So cute!!!

    Shannon H
  • Yes. Yes. And yess. I love them since I work with my hands a lot and love to change up style often. It’s a 100 percent for me!

    Hilary Lauren
  • bringing back some old memories! Love how freaking cute these are! 🖤


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