Being myself for a night.

Shit! It’s been a few days….whoops! But I’m here I’m here! I’ve just been a lazy sack of potatoes the past couple days and so I forgot to come share a story. 

The other day was my birthday and I went out with some girlfriends for the first time IN OVER A YEAR!!! 🥳 For the past 365 days (more than that actually), I have gone to sleep with Neptune my 12 month old. Meaning I am in bed by 7pm.
Meaning I literally have no life outside of baby atm.
As much as I LOVE soaking up all the cuddles with her, it’s time for mama to have some space! And maybe a drink or two after 8pm lol! 

People look at me crazy when I tell them this information. So it makes me wonder…..Am I the only mother that raises her children this way??

Anyways, the night out was so needed and I can see more of that in my future which is very exciting! Being away from the kids and your partner can be sooooo therapeutic! Seriously, when was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a meal? Or just sat in a restaurant without asking to pay the bill right after you order? Cuz lawd knows those kids gonna act up real quick and y’all gotta scram before it gets out of hand! 🤪

So mom, here’s your reminder. Dont feel guilt about taking your own space and having a night out!
Say yes, let your hair down, get dolled up, take the pictures, drink a drink (or a couple but don’t drive), shake that ass, laugh til your face hurts, just be YOU for a few hours…..then go home and be mom again 💜 Your whole household will thank you….eventually 😋


  • You are not alone!! I Co sleep as well, she even contact naps!! So yes I’m in the bead early, too. This phase is short compared to life, the fact a human being loves and feels comfort being next to you is magical! Yes it’s been WAYYYYY to long since I had a ladies night. You do have to take care of yourself before you can give fully to the others. ♥️

    Robin Blair
  • You are not the only one mama🤍 this is me and mine is almost five. I wouldn’t change it, but damn what a good reminder to recharge!🤍🤍

    Hilary Lauren
  • 💯💯💯💯 absolutely! love this! It can be so hard to remember the person behind the mom…Wonderful post. ♥️

    Leigh Ann

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