A Mother’s Poem -written by Hilary Lauren

A Mother’s Poem

She was someone.
Before she sacrificed her body and her time.
She was someone.
She went out and danced to more than just baby shark on repeat.
She laughed, but not to anything better than the belly giggles she’s used to now with you.
She thought of you.
Imagined you.
As she watched her belly grow.
But she had no idea, not matter how much of a natural everyone said she’d be.
She was someone.
With order and grace, and wore clothes way less stained.
She had more time to herself.
She stayed up late because she wanted to and not because of night-long cries.
She was someone who had time to do nothing whenever she wanted and didn’t need to schedule it.
The gym was priority.
The dishes were mostly always clean.
She folded way less laundry.
She was someone.
But now, now she is more.
She is adored.
Creator of life.
Of miracles.
She births.
She feeds.
She prospers life.
She is more than someone.
She is a goddess.

-Hilary Lauren


  • She is adored!! Love that line – beautiful poem

  • Yes! Love it! 🤍👏🏻

  • SHE IS SOMEONE! I love this so much! Thank you for sharing ❤️


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